Sonic Black Holes – Presskit

Sonic Black Holes – Disclosure


“This release is some really great post-rock and post-metal, and provides a stellar adventure for the listener.”


“Another musical pearl from Hamburg.”

Gezeitenstrom Magazin 

“Beautiful work!”

Merchants Of Air

Dear Reader,

you have probably had enough musician´s biographies in your life. Bands claiming to be the most creative outlets since whatever was big, totally unique, pushing genre boundaries and being the hottest newcomers on the planet. Sonic Back Holes from Hamburg don´t claim to be like that. In fact what now seems to be a band started off as a big jam in 2015 and to a certain extent it still is. In the beginning there was just noise. Then organized chaos. Now there is a record and the band like it.

People say it´s Post Rock and yes, maybe this term invented for mostly instrumental atmospheric rock music fits what the guys are doing. Even though half of them didn´t even know this genre existed. Maybe this is what makes the difference. Even the band are curious as in what´s coming next and while you think about bands like Mogwai, Russian Circles and Jakob when listening to the group´s self produced debut Disclosure the next record might sound completely different.  

(Achim Karstens – Classic Rock Magazine)

Check out Disclosures on Youtube where it got over 10.000 views within a week after release. The EP can be purchased through Bandcamp.

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